The ‘Agrimec’ Ground Master is developed to cut grass to varying heights in play grounds. The machine can be used to transport ground equipment. It can be modified as a Bush Cutter to control weeds in plantations and parks etc. It is also provided with a seat and a hood for the convenience of the operator.

Technical Specification:

Dimensions (L x B x H) : 1855 x 705 x 1030 mm
Width of cut : 60 mm
Drive arrangement : V belts B 52 and B 56
Prime mover : two wheel tractor 5 hp
Engine model : X170F, single cylinder, four stroke, air cooled.
Type : diesel
No. of gears : 2 forward and 1 reverse
Width of cut : 60 mm
Ground clearance : 12 - 100 mm
Dimensions (L x B x H) : 1855 x 705 x 1035 mm