The ‘Agrimec’ Grass / Straw Cutter designed and developed for cutting straw which prevents entanglement of straw with the ploughing tools and releases fertilizer to the earth, by decomposing same into compost in a relatively short time.

It can also be used to cut harvest fodder grass and similar material into small pieces of 20-30mm in length for livestock feeding. It will improve the palatability, digestibility and prevents wastage due to trampling.

Technical Specification:

  Electric Motor Driven Engine Driven
Model RSC 1.5M RSC 1.5E
Power Single Phase Petrol/Kerosene
Motor/Engine Speed 2800 RPM 3000 RPM
Dimensions L x B x H 850mm x 500mm x 950mm
Cutting Mechanism 3 Rotating Blades
Type 230V / 50Hz Single Cylinder / 4 Stroke/ Air cooled