Jinasena – Project division is the leader in designing, supplying, commissioning and maintenance of all manner of pumping packages that are cost effective and designed to meet your exact requirements.

We are specialized in,

  • → Fully Automated Pressure Booster Packages (With PID control + Variable speed control panel complete with pump management unit)
  • → Fully Automated Pumping Packages
  • → Fully Automated Fire Fighting Pumping Packages
  • → Fully Automated Sewage Pumping Systems
  • → Fully Automated Storm water pumping systems
  • → Fully Automated Tube well pump installations

With a dedicated technical team, constant research of technology and latest developments in the industry catered to, we are the company you can rely to get the job done. We have range of products which gives us the capacity to meet any challenge in any industry. Our Project Division is located at Ekala factory premises and our workshop is equipped with test benches, tools and equipment to handle any type of pumps.

With years of experience in designing pumping systems for a range of industries, we are expertly qualified to match the right products to the right applications. Always ensuring the most effective and reliable solution, our highly qualified team is committed to being more than helpful throughout the entire process and beyond, whether simply buying a product or having a complete system designed for, installed, commissioned and serviced. As part of the packaged pump project, we include the specification, drawings and full flow and head calculations as required.

All installations and maintenance are done by our experts who are professional, qualified to work in confined spaces, trained to engineer solutions quickly and understand the importance of keeping your system running.

More details about Customized Pumps Packages

Pumping Package Fully Automatic Controlling

Custom Built Packaged Pressure Booster Systems

Fire Packages

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