Threshing is an important aspect of the post-harvest process particularly in the wet weather conditions. The traditional method of threshing is not economical due to the shortage and the high cost of labour.

The Research & Development Division of Jinasena has developed the Maize Thresher as a solution to the above problems.

Two models of Maize Threshers are available, namely MTH1-T and MTH1-20. The MTH1-T model can be operated with a two wheel tractor and the MTH1-20 is coupled to a Robin EY 20 petrol / Kerosene Engine.

Technical Specification:

Specifications MTH1-T MTH1-20
Weight 160 kg 164 kg
Drum Diameter 475 mm 475 mm
Drum Length 810 mm 810 mm
Drum Speed 600 rpm 600 rpm
Capacity 2000-2800 kg/h 2000-2800 kg/h