Threshing is an important aspect of the post-harvest process, particularly with wet weather conditions, when traditional methods are not possible. The ‘Agrimec’ Thresher is the ideal answer to this problem. We manufacture four different models of Paddy Threshers, namely, TH1-T, TH1-20, TH7-20, TH2-T. These machines are designed based on the IRRI axial flow design. The above mentioned models can be operated with a two-wheel tractor and models TH1 and TH7 can also be operated with the ROBIN EY 20 petrol/kerosene engine.

MODEL TH1-T TH1-20 TH7-20 TH2-T
Weight (kg) (without engine) 162 143 141 162
Drum diameter (mm) 815 815 440 365
Prime mover 2-wheel tractor 2-wheel tractor or 5 hp engine 2-wheel tractor or 5 hp engine 2-wheel tractor
Drum speed (RPM) 600 600 600 600
** Capacity (kg per hour) 600-700 700-800 500-600 700-900
Winnowing Fan No Yes, with the engine Yes, with the engine Yes